This one is for all the new workshop facilitators and the war-torn workshop veterans out there. 

We feel your pain. We really do.

This is for all of you.

You might be preparing for your first workshop, or getting back on the horse after a difficult one. You might need to take a group of people through something new or challenging. Whatever the situation, it’s just not enough to get your people in a space and talk at them, or ask them to do things with Sticky notes.

So how do you make a workshop work for you — the facilitator, and for them — the participants? (Its also for anyone who has sat in a workshop quietly confused about why they are there. For everyone who has been asked to travel across the room full of strangers as “their favourite animal”. For everyone who has found themselves wondering “why me?”, wishing for an end.)

At Plot, our mission is to stop people from running bad workshops. After years of designing and running all kinds of workshops we have put together the insights we have gained into — yes! — a workshop, and a kit for designing workshops.

You can book for the upcoming one in December here.

We have designed it so that every session will be interesting, to the point, productive, and engaging for everyone in the room — workshops that flow. We’ll show you how to make sure you’re comfortable with what you are doing.  We’ll lay out the mechanics of planning of a workshop, and enough troubleshooting support to help you be ready for anything, and to make your workshop a success.  We’ll do this for individuals or teams; at both introductory and advanced levels and you can contact us at

Here is a pdf for you to share: PlotWOW