We are a specialist, nimble consultancy that offers service strategy and design that have a transformative impact. We apply user-centred research and design-thinking to re-imagine systems, improve internal department structures, re-design digital products and enhance real-world environments. We work at the grand scale of organizational strategy and the small scale of customers, teams and individuals. We help organisations tackle really gnarly problems whilst making these problems feel manageable.


Plot works with people rather than for people but the client is the hero, Plot is the catalyst; enabling progress, imagination and innovation in the workplace is what satisfies us most. Our clients feel more future-ready and braver, and internally, cross-departmental ridges and cracks are smoothed.


At the beginning of the week Plot might be untangling the complex wayfinding at an Ivy League university then on Wednesday workshopping at the nation’s favourite broadcaster. By Friday Plot might be conducting research for a global consumer brand or pondering the injustice of the poverty premium


This is not just fluffy talk and lots of Post-Its though! Plot’s credibility and authority are validated by visiting professorships at Carnegie Mellon, teaching at Hyper Island and having written the book on prototyping. We have decades of experience gained in working with technology and interaction design, public services, policy-making and education.


We have worked with a diverse group of clients, large and small: Virgin Atlantic, Facebook, Norwich Union, NHS: Lambeth & Southwark Primary Care Trust, IKEA, Microsoft, Imperial College, Helen Hamlyn Research Centre, RAC, Smartsensor Telemed, Innovation RCA, Samsung, Nokia Research, Bath and Glasgow City Councils, Nokia Design, the BBC, ESRI, Ordnance Survey, Community Action Network and Plastic Logic.


Plot was co-founded in 2004 by Gill Wildman and Nick Durrant to bring their own brand of innovation consultancy into being. Their combined experience of interaction and strategic design gave them a unique perspective, and this informed how they think, and what they produced over the years. Signature projects involved deep research and innovative thinking and deep engagement with organizational teams and or customers.