Strategic design has been our core business for 14 years. its s slightly different practice to regular practices of design. It starts with the intention and impact, and ends with the ‘thing’/service or experience that has been designed, or in less tangible more organizational, cultural forms. Its is often about working with design at senior or board level, and connects the thinking there to the actions at initiative/project and product/service levels. Working in this way supports the company to align its efforts, connects pioneers across silos and creates the long lasting culture change it wants and needs.


Strategic design makes sure that what you are doing connect to the intentions of the business or organisation. Looking at the design strategically connects participants, departments, and stakeholders. It makes the strategy visible through visualizing plans, visions, actions and behaviors as well as in the outputs of the work, the products and services. We work with the bigger picture with the small details of what design decisions are made. Our work may involve designing, design thinking, design research, opportunity framing and much visualizing of the intangible things. We particularly enjoy prototyping for potential directions and especially in making evidence of strategy in action.


We work with and not for – its a humble practice, that engages us with you, with clients, your colleagues and stakeholders. It is a great approach for working with complexity and ambiguity. We work through live engagement with you, through workshops and forms of engagement that work for you and your teams. While this is not unique, the way we do it is.


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