Small change

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We’ve been tracking the crowdfunding explosion in the US, and indeed happily invested many times in new technologies or initiatives we wanted to see and use, like ThingM, Designer Founders Book and Twine. Being a part of something’s early development is such a thrill. If it booms, you can say you were a part of it (if you really, really want to). If you supported the underdog and they succeeded, how perfect is that?! Its opens up new roles for us as investors, new kinds of connections to projects, and new ways of getting things off the ground if we are the entrepreneur.

This week, Plot got to explore a UK perspective and get a brilliant introduction to preparation and planning for projects, beyond the video. Henrietta Norton of We Did This did a wonderful workshop that makes you thoroughly process your thinking, and clarify it for sharing. Whilst the video can often be the main focus, she out the whole idea into a great context of audience and crowd building, not just the money, and how that can be managed well. The flavor of crowd funding here is so culturally different and simply gentler. it has its own authentic voice that is so appealing, for example in we are the million. The fragmenting of the crowdfunding scene into platforms for different types is fascinating to watch. I wonder what it will look like in a year.