Recent Moscow Work now on the roof!

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Moscow Metro Station Signifier prototype at Chkalovskaya

Purpose: The purpose of this product is to work as a long distance signifier, helping users to identify the precise location of Metro entrances. Route line colours are also shown as a secondary function to highlight which Metro lines are accessible from any given entrance — thicker rings denote direct access to line from this entrance; thinner rings denote indirect access to line via connected transfer station.

Location: The Metro Station Signifier will be located at all entrances and exits to the Metro system. This includes all entry points to underpasses connected to a below ground Metro entrance.

Types: The signifier should always be back-lit wherever possible. However the nature of the entrance environment will determine additional build type attributes. These include post-mounted, roof mounted, and wall-mounted variants. Further build types may be required for future schemes to be determined through placement planning at additional stations.

Urban legibilty strategy and design work in partnership with CityID and Billings Jackson.