Prototyping cultures in your pocket

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Often I get through a business or strategy book and realise that there was one chapter or a particular model that was really worth reading. That’s not to say the remainder is not worth reading, but you get the impression a lot of the time that the rest of the book could be skipped. Time is so precious, its hard to spend time reading new things, and if I am misled about what it offers I can easily feel let down. Attention is a gift, so if we have something to say, I feel we should get on with it, and make it worth it.

So we promised ourselves that we would try different approach to writing books, and make sure they are small and light on attention, and rich with content and experience. So our first book is out.

It’s called The Politics of Prototyping – the what? Yes, the Politics. we wanted to support people who are trying to get prototyping off the ground This is purely because we have heard many people talk about prototyping, yet not do it. At least, not in the way they could. We’ve been involved in major programmes in large corporate companies to actually get people prototyping, and to develop what’s known as a culture of prototyping. It takes an understanding of the value of doing early stage work. It’s a small book on creating cultures of prototyping

So it’s not a think, or an academic book, but a back-pocket book for those who might like to spend less time ploughing through something lengthier, and to get to the important stuff sooner. You can buy it here.
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