The Politics of Prototyping

This paperback book is about how to situate and manage prototyping in an organisation, or in working for one.

It is available here as a preview PlotProtoPrev3.14 so you can get an idea of what its about. Lots of resources for prototyping, descriptions of types, and stories from people doing it, as well as our take on how to make prototyping a really core part of what you do, and to get it to work for you.

We would love it if you can get to use it, so you can download a pdf of the book here for your pleasure. PlotProtoFree

Let us know what you think about it.

Here are some views of the book.

FullSizeRender-1 FullSizeRender-2

You can buy a hard copy via Amazon here and cheaper via Lulu here.

You can buy an ebook version here.