The Politics of Prototyping

This paperback book is about how to situate and manage prototyping in an organisation, or in working for one.

It is available here as a preview PlotProtoPrev3.14 so you can get an idea of what its about. Lots of resources for prototyping, descriptions of types, and stories from people doing it, as well as our take on how to make prototyping a really core part of what you do, and to get it to work for you.

We would love it if you can get to use it, so you can download a pdf of the book here for your pleasure. PlotProtoFree

Let us know what you think about it.

Here are some views of the book.

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You can buy a hard copy via Amazon here and cheaper via Lulu here.

And we put it on Issuu


You can buy an ebook version here.



HappyLab Lab Report

The on-demand paperback book of our lab we ran with students at Carnegie Mellon School of Design. You can buy it by clicking on the image.


StrategyLab Handbook

How to run a StrategyLab, based on the lab run at Carnegie Mellon

Coming soon
Workshop designing kit

We’re working on a toolkit for facilitators and workshop designers. We’ve packed all of our workshop experience (now, that’s a lot of years) into a simple system for thinking about how you make great workshop experiences and avoid a whole bunch of trouble.

Its coming very soon, and right now we are looking for people who have never run a workshop, or those who have tried and had a difficult time doing so. Please let us know if you might be interested in helping us iron out the edges. The simplest is to message us on twitter @plotlondon

New Tools

Happy Design cards


These are a set of cards that help you to think about designing-in aspects of happiness producing elements that we found people respond to and benefit from. There are two types of prompts – principles and amplifiers, lots of examples and some great resources to take you further. They won’t make you into a better designer, but the idea is that they get you to think, and hopefully your work for people will be far more delightful.

This edition is £35.00 per pack, plus postage (total cost including UK postage £42.00). You can order them here.